torsdag, maj 04, 2006


They have colours ranging from
whitish pink to solomon,
from rosa to amber.

Some have a greenish hue
shimmering into the black-blue.

Black pearls are available as well.

in total length
of 60 centimeters

sells for
about 10$

pearls & pearls

Chinese freshwater pearls

comes very cheap
Stones from Burma

We have Topaz and Hermatite.

Here's a pic showing relative size.
Here is some magnetic stones.

Their confirmed English name is Hematite.

They have a deep metalic shine and a reflection from another world.

Due to their strong magnetic quality, they're suposed to have a strengthening effect on blood and bone cells, and therefore a favorite among healers.

onsdag, maj 03, 2006

Here's some more gemstones.
I really don't know their English names, but some kind of topaz they seem to be.

They sure are beautiful.

When I go back to Denmark, I'll seek out the proper details.

But we still would like to sell. Other pics showing relative size to known objects will be posted later.

As you see them here, they sell for 20 to 30 $ a piece.

Any one interested are welcome to leave a comment with their e-mail, and we shall contact you.

tirsdag, maj 02, 2006


Junior Humiliated At His Own Dinner

Well, well lets have a link - about Georgy boy and Laura giving this great banket for the press corps in D.C.
They do it every year by the way, and everybody talks about how gorgeous they look and wonderful they are.
Well, not this year.

Colbert Lampoons Bush at White House Correspondents Dinner.

"A blistering comedy "tribute" to President Bush by Comedy Central's faux talk show host Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night left George and Laura Bush embarrassed at its close".

Read for yourself, it's really funny


mandag, maj 01, 2006



The morning is a the time unique, another chance to do it over. To do right, what you did wrong the day before.
Every morning shines with a new light, a light never seen before that morning.

So grap the chance, go with the light, where you didn't dare - or thought you couldn't go - the day before.

Remember it's never too late before tomorrow.


søndag, april 30, 2006



These are some of the gemstones of my wife. She would like sell them.

lørdag, april 29, 2006


My Front Page #1

My front page is disgrace. This lady is the reason.
Pia Kaersgaard, founder and leader of The Danish Peoples Party, Danish disgrace number one, Queen of Hatred she is. I used to put a certain pride in my nationality. We where the friendly nation with a humane social society, who always had a obligingness to the surpressed and the suffering. Not anymore.
Asked about my nationality I could state it open and proudly. I always did. Those questioning would then talk about soccer or dairy products.
Now they say: Oh, I'm sorry.
Aint much more to be proud of. Our soccer team is down and we don't give away anything. We jealously guard what we have, and won't let anyone close.
These days we have "The Foreigner's Act", immigration laws among the harshest in the world, racial laws contraditing any convention of human rights WE ever signed. I can't even live with my wife in my own country. She's no a Dane, they're the only ones allowed.
Cases where Danish men brought their wifes of foreign origin into Denmark to give birth to their baby, only when the infant is six month of age to face the inhumane decision from the Board of Foreigners, the wife must leave, are for real. Expelled from the country. The baby is Danish, it can stay.
What kind of country is that? Shame on the Danes!


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