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About me: I'm a Danish national about 60 years old living in a country of a nature so conceited and ruthless to a degree that the use of its real name might be hazardous. Therefore, not to offend anyone let's call it Freakland, a tropical paradise and a Buddhist nation where the Freaks are living. I live there out of sheer convenience, the cost of living and the climate - and because I'm married to a Freak. That's the obvious reasons.
Another more controversial and subtle reason is the mentality of my own country, Denmark. From a friendly open society it has turned into one of fear, where people are alienated to eachother and their souls vandalized now to a degree unthinkable compared to when I grew up there.
Every now and then though, I have to return, cause if I don't, the immigration laws now imposed, will make me loose any benefits of my citizenship. Of its kind those laws are among the strictest in the world. Xenophobia, a fear of anyone ethnic different, have dictated them. Sounds familiary? Well, in Denmark it's tantamout to religious beliefs these days.

Let me state once and for all: I am not writing this out of any ill feelings, but because I love my country and with the cartoon row in mind, the world oughta know, so it could change back to the humane image it used to have.
This is the purpose of my blog.
About my background: Born shortly after World War 2, I was put in a time of shortage, but it was an era of good will and unconditional hope. Then came the Cold War, so my childhood world was one of fear, but our beliefs in a better one couldn't be subdued by any fear, the herald of a new age to come was waving strong. Against all odds we strugled to make ends meet and we had faith in the future. Never should a new war be allowed to rage. By accident more than incident we were on the right side when the Iron Curtain went down, but as close as you could get and still be in the so-called Free World. We were the first ones to go if the Commies came.

So polarization emerged - and schizophrenia. Socialisme sure seemed to be the way to a better world - the only one we could imagine. At the same time the Americans were our saviors and displayed a lifestyle so grandiose and free it was hard to reject. We didn't know about McCarthy, segregation and all that. We only knew about Hollywood and the skyscrapers and the opportunity for any shoeshine boy to become a millionaire.
But something wicked there was about this capitalisme, some of us felt from the very beginning. We were building a social just society, with free education and healthcare for everybody regardless of social status. Same time we had this fear it all could be over in an instant. The fear of the mushroom cloud.

Yes I'm a worried man, always been that. As a kid I had nighmares of bombs falling in my neighbourhood. Guess I listened a little too much to the horrible war stories going around then. So when The Campaign Against Nuclear Disarmament was established, I marched every Easter, in Denmark and later on in Germany.

"Wir braucht keine Bunker, keine Führerhauptkvartier", we sang.
When the Vietnam War exposed the cruel aggressiveness of capitalisme and "The Summer of Love" came around I turned on, tuned in, became a hippie and put myself on the road to enlightment. I dropped out, went to India, hitchhiked through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and ended up in Nepal. There were no wars to stop us in those days, only love and brotherhood. Islamophobia was a word yet to be invented. Islam was hospitality. The poor people of the ragged countryside we travelled through were among the most friendly I was ever to meet.

One thing I didn't find in India was God, but I found meditation, Pranayama, yoga and Buddhisme. And now I spend time in a freak country, where they think Buddha is a god and do their worshipping to legions of Brahmanian and Hindi gods. Has nothing to do with Buddhisme. About that in a later blog.

Back to my story: By and by I more or less dropped back again, I became a shopkeeper. For almost twenty years I was, untill I - before it was too late - unstrapped the heart-attack machine. With no family left and the freedom of early retirement at my hand, I took up travelling again. On my way to Australia I got stuck in Freakland, and here I am maybe freaking out, but not really free at all, having a hard time with my jealous Freak wife, enduring horrible conditions of heat and humidity, cursing every now and then the natives sloppiness in daily matters and their corruptness in business as well as worshipping. They are Freaks, that's the way it is. Anyway I'm never alone.

About the aim of this blog: Millions of midleaged men come to Freakland because of the seclusion they're stuck with in their own countries. They came for female company and a party going lifestyle, a style they never could have afforded at home. They come for smile and warmth, attemping to escape their lonliness. Those with good pensions never leave.
To tell their stories is one of my aims.

Every now and then, I shall post excerpts from a book I've been writting for 5 years now. Naturally, but unfortunetely - it's written in Danish. My linguistic skill does not stretch that far I can translate the lyrics into a poetic tone - so it will be posted in Danish. Therefore, Danes hang on.
The blogs will also be commenting on topical issues within politics, society and social fields in general. In that concept I shall - for further reading and contemplation - try now and then to link a site with the post. My favorite one is "truthout" where this link is from.

It's about George Double Trouble, "Junior", as the gang in The White House, Dirty Don, Tricky Dick and Creepy Conda calls the President of the United States. Is he a crook like Nixon was, or is he just a downright stupid ignorant? Or is he actally a moron, as the linked article suggest? Well, judge for yourself.

Stephen Pizzo: Forrest Gump's Evil Twin

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