søndag, maj 14, 2006


Face of Arrogance #1

Photo of the Danish PM, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, responsible for the cartoon row, the Cave Man he goes by in Danish satire. Gloomy!.
Then take a look at painter Jørgen Buch's rendition of him.
So eminently it exposes not just his dark character, but his untold agenda as well.
By the way, he calls the painting "The Bomber".

In Danish politics you have to play by the rules. Few does, many ways to get around them.
Effective watchdogs and quit good mechanismes of checks and balance mostly keeps them on the road though.
But with arrogance they come short.

This time the arrogance of our PM really made him put his foot in his mouth, or - as we say in Danish - boob the spinach.
In domestic politics they get caught, he too will, exposed redhanded misusing The Office of the PM. Now, in fact he is.
In an effort to promote his party politics of "Venstre", in an attemp to copy The White House Banquet for the press corps, the annual DC event, he so obviously have abused his trusted resources.
Trying to stage a similar event in a Danish scale, he has misused not only the civil servants of his office, but also his official residence of the PM, "Marienborg", a smal scale chateau north of Copenhagen.

Eventually the event was never effectuated, because the system of watchdogs worked.Those invited some felt intimidated to be part of a party campaign, among those not, was the outcry of such a misuse. A time of accounting for his misdoings is coming up. For leading Denmark into an illegal war, for changing our laws against our constitution, for dismantling a system generations fought to build, for selling out of our national assets to gangsters and multinationals. He must be impeached!

But the issues last mentioned are merely... well, politics. Denmark being nothing but a lapdog of the US, it can be hard to get him on trial on the first issue as well.
But to abuse the office his been trusted by the Danish voters is a serious offence. Enough to make him face impeachment.


P.S. An example of the misuse of our constitutional liberties in a time where "terrorist acts" are being imposed. http://www.stopterrorkrigen.dk/emner/Terror/060221_venstresocialisterne_arrests_danish_political_party.htm


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