søndag, maj 07, 2006

Danish people are suspicious beyond all reasons - because of their imagenary superiority. They have the best products in the world, the best beer, the best butter, the best food, the best welfaresystem, in short, the best of everything.
They used to think they had the best governing systems too, but now their fate at least in that area is rapidly fainting, which threatens to leave them in the same limbo the shell-shocked Germans found themselves in after World War 1.
As the Germans could blame the Jews for their misfortune, Danes these days blame Muslims. In Denmark you don't need a whether man to tell which way the wind blows.

BEWARE of the meglomania inherited in the national character! In a world of inter-racial changes it's rapidly turning into a howling paranoia, leaving them far more dangerous than the pre-war Germans ever were.
No reason for panic though, the Vikings won't return. Danish men is said to have it more in their mouth than in their pants, likewise their actions is more in their heads than their hands.
But thoughts residing in the head today, are the spirit of tomorrow. That spirit of greed and envy expresses itself through fear and hate to a degree, that sooner or later will mean the end of the good old Danes.
I pity them so much.

Most of all I pity those who think they're changing the world by declining to do nothing, but focusing on their own navel, how beautiful though it might be. Who fights their windmills, even if death it might take. It's called diversion, but distraction is more often what it turns out to be.

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