lørdag, juni 10, 2006


A true YESMAN visits Georgr Bush

Yesterday a true backslapper was welcommed at Camp David by George Double (trouble ****) U Bush, known as 'Junior' to his staff. He might be the least important of leaders ever to have visited that place. The visitor is PM of Denmark, one of the smallest, but also one of the most willing members of 'the Coalition of the Willing' (to create civil war and genocide in Iraq).
His name is Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in Danish media known as 'The Cave Man', among ordinary people as 'Man of The Dark' alias 'The Bomber', because he is litterally bombing our social and humane society back to the stone age. The welfare society my parents and grandparents fought to build is being dismantled by his administration. Not only so, the social justice and fairness in humanity, once our guiding light and the landmark Denmark was recognized by, is now being trodden down the gutter. Only flashes of such disgraceful behavoir have so far been revealed to the world society. The 'Cartoon Row' was such a rare glimpse.

Well, I said "least important" in the true sense of the word. To 'Junior' he might be quite important with pools running low as never before and a war more hated than ever - because they have a few things in common. First of all an arrogance out of another world, a world inhumane, an irresponsibility to democratic institutions and a total contempt for the rules they operate by. Which only goes to show, they're both among the biggest hipocrites ever to walk on this earth.

Both set aside those rules (in the name of fighting terror) and thus they feel free to impose their own tyrany - and both will sooner or later be up for paybacktime. Impeached they'll have to answer for their misdeeds - if justice ever shall prevail again. And it will, cause remember "whatever you put out is gonna come back on you".

Meanwhile they can exchange tricks about how to fool the people, how to bypass the democratic processes and how to cover up their lies, in the name of the biggest one of them all: "The Fight For DEMOCRACY".

Denmark these days have one of the worst records of human rights, an open democratic society ever have had. With detention camps for asylum seekers, kept under the most inhumane conditions (our PM has refused to visit them, he don't wanna see). In uncertainty refugees and immigrants are kept there, for years - up to 5-6-7 is not uncommon - before their cases are settled. That many of them are unaccompanied underaged children only adds to the cruelty and inhumanity, and the fact that all kinds of mental disorders flourish under such condition is only 'natural'. To fulfil the picture, many cases are randomly settled and numerous are those where people have been extradited to certain death.

And this is just the detention centers. The immigrants acts and racial laws now passed in Denmark surpasses those of any rogue state, yes, even those of former Nazi Germany. The UN should keep Denmark under close watch as one of the worst violators of human rights. As a Danish citizen you can't even bring a wife of foreign origin into your own country. It's true, I know, cause I have one myself. Is that democratic or in the letter of basic human right, not being able to choose your spouse by your own free will, to live with her in your own country?
I fell it needless to say, but it's a fact that xenophobia and islamophobia are encouraged these days in Denmark. So they'll have a lot to talk about, Georgy boy and our Man of the Dark. Maybe he can get some hints about setting up concentration camps, as it's now being done all over the USA.

See the following link, "U.S. CONCENTRATION CAMPS"

http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/index.php - or goto


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